After 3 years in UK, lady returns to Nigeria for roadside mechanic boyfriend who sponsored her

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Lady returns to Nigeria from the UK after 3 years to be with her boyfriend, who is a mechanic. The boyfriend, Segun, had supported her education in the UK. A video of their reunion was shared online by a content creator named Theo Ayoms.

Segun, a Nigerian mechanic, was really happy when his girlfriend came back to see him after being in the UK for three years. He had helped her pay for her Master’s Degree in the UK, which was supposed to take around one year. But it ended up taking longer, and they lost contact for a while.

Even though they lost touch, Segun still had hope that they would be together again someday. Then, on his birthday, Ngozi surprised him by coming to his workshop with a cake. She wanted to make things right between them and improve their lives.

Ngozi mentioned that Segun had also supported her education in Nigeria. Now that she has a good job in another country, she’s back to be with him and make his life better….

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