Afenifere Has No Regrets Supporting Tinubu To Be President

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We are not regretting anything. The continuation effect of former President Buhari’s legacy is what President Tinubu is battling now. Terrorists, bandits, and evil men of the underworld are out everywhere.

Buhari bankrupted the humanity in us. There are satanic influences everywhere. It is like President Tinubu is starting from ground zero to rebuild Nigeria.

Take, for example, most of our crude oil has been sold, swapping it for goods. The NNPC could not get enough forex to meet demand; hence the law of demand and supply will come into play in the market. The effect on inflation is hyper. The yoke on the people is burdensome.

The government must subsidise food and food items now. Food is a priority. For our safety, a total war on insecurity should be declared.

Nigeria has 310,000 police personnel; out of these, about 100,000 are looking after big men, leaving 210,000 to look after 220 million citizens. It is laughable. The Federal Government can start as a pilot project with the state police system.

The South-West is ready with the Amotekun, while Lagos has the Neighbourhood Watch Corps. Arm the personnel with the required tools. Apart from the internal turmoil, no foreigner will come and invest in an unsafe environment.

Even me, I have no regrets supporting him. Tinubu Economy plan will only favour the strong people and allow the lazy people to dae from their well deserved poverty.

The party is over, no more subsidy, make everybody face the reality now. Is either you be and assets to this country or poverty teach you some lessons.

It’s only Nigeria you will see people blaming government for hunger instead of themselves. They have no plan to make their own life better.

Vast majority of Nigeria are liability to this country under the belief that Nigeria has many natural resources and they should be feeding fat of it.

Human resources will forever better than Natural resources. It’s only in Nigeria 80% of its populations won’t be paying electricity bill but they will be cursing government for inability to have light.

Electricity is not free anywhere in the world. It’s pay and get service. Even the government don spoilt people by allowing them to enjoy some little light without paying.

It’s should be total darkness for the people that cannot pay electricity money. No more party. No more encouraging the liabilities.

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