Abuja based billionaire business man, ex- girlfriend, fights dirty over discovered paternity fraud.

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All is not well with Tunde Ayeni, a billionaire businessman, and Ms. Adaobi Alagwu, his ex-girlfriend and a lawyer based in Abuja.

Ms. Alagwu had gotten pregnant during the time she was dating Mr. Ayeni, who is a married man. When the girl-child was born, it was assumed that Mr. Ayeni was her biological father. The child was given “Ayeni” as her surname. Mr. Ayeni did not object. He took the child as his child albeir born out of wedlock.

Of course, no woman is happy to hear that her husband had a mistress, how much less had a child with such mistress. Mr. Ayeni’s wife wondered if the baby was truly the biological child of her husband. Nothing can please a wife more than to be able to prove to her husband that his mistress has not been faithful or honest with him. Indeed, that is the sweetest revenge an aggrieved wife can exert on her husband’s sidechick. That is why the first thing every wife in such a situation does is to insist on a paternity test. Mrs Ayeni insisted. After some time, the test was done, and Mr. Ayeni turned out not to be the biological father of Ms. Alagwu’s daughter. This was victory to Tunde’s wife, but a huge embarrassment for Mr. Ayeni and Ms. Alagwu.

Mr. Ayeni, goaded by his wife and other family members, turned against Ms. Alagwu. One can imagine the kind of fights and resentment that would have built up between the former lovers. Mr. Ayeni has now written a letter to Nigerian immigration urging the agency not to allow the child of Ms. Alagwu to continue to bear his name in her travel documents. According to a media report, “Ayeni also wrote the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) to void any international passport presented by Adaobi Alagwu and her child, bearing his name.”

Do you think Mr. Ayeni will succeed in this effort, even with the paternity test conclusively showing that the kid is not his?

The answer is no! Anybody can bear any name he or she likes, provided you’re not impersonating anyone. A female child cannot be said to be impersonating Mr. Ayeni simply by having the same surname with him.

Lesson: Paternity fraud is now so easy to detect.

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