Abia government seals private school allegedly built on public land. ” You lied”, Prof. Mgboji, Former Commissioner reacts !

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Abia State government has sealed some property at Azikiwe road, Aba, erected on the lands of Azikiwe Road Primary School in the commercial city.

The sealing exercise was carried out by personnel of Aba South Town Planning Authority on Wednesday, with a warning that anyone who unseals the property risks jail or fine.

The statement on the banner used in sealing the property read in part:

“Abia State government. Aba South Local Government Town Planning Authority Pursuant to Section 70 of Abia State urban and regional planning board/planning authorities Law of Abia State 2005 as amended by Laws No.4 of 2015.

“This property is hereby, sealed”

The message warned the unidentified builder of the project in the former school compound to keep off from the property.

However, a former Commissioner for Education under the administration of former Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, Professor Ikechi Mgbeoji has said that the former administration he served did not sell the Azikiwe Road Primary School.

Mgbeoji, who was reacting to the development, described the information as wicked, malicious and a lie from the pit of hell.

According to the former Commissioner, the property in question was a private school owned by late Rev Ogudoro but was acquired at a period when the government was acquiring mission and private schools.

According to Mgbeoji, the Azikiwe Road Primary School was returned to the estate of Rev Ogudoro during his time as the Commissioner for education.

“I was the Commissioner for Education in Abia state in 2015-2019. It is wicked and malicious for anyone to say that Azikiwe Road Primary School was ‘sold’ by the government in which I served. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Azikiwe Road Primary School Aba was a private school owned by the late Rev. Ogudoro.

“When the government was acquiring mission schools and private schools, the school was acquired by the government.

“Under the regime of Chief T.A. Orji, the government began a program of returning mission and private schools to their original owners.

“On my watch, Azikiwe Road Primary School was returned to the estate of Rev Ogudoro”, the former Commissioner said.

Mgbeoji added that Clifford Road Primary School in Aba was similarly returned to the Assemblies of God Church, together with several other schools.

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