Abia APC welcomes Senator Orji Kalu to Abia

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According to  a press release by APC state Publicity Secretary  Comrade Benedict Godson, it reads.

Today, our leader makes triumphant entry into Abia, as journey towards reclaiming our state begins

In our part of the world, we so much believe in destiny. It’s so real that when it starts manifesting, we can’t help but say it’s God’s doing.

It’s written in the sky and it’s obvious in the minds of men that Senator Orji Uzor-Kalu is a man destined to do great things.

The Bible, our holy book in Numbers 23:8 also made it clear that any man whom God has blessed, no man can curse such a man.

So today, after the much failed efforts made to curse q man whom God has already blessed, that man is coming in to take his rightful place as our leader.

He’s the APC leader in the South East of Nigeria, he’s Abia State political leader no matter the party you belong and he’s the man whom everybody give the respect as Abia Original leader.

Many people not just those in APC have been calling upon him to come and take what rightfully belongs to him and they’ll not be disappointed because he’s coming.

For us in APC, today is the beginning of us reclaiming a state that we sincerely know we can do better and make better for our people.

The triumphant entry of Senator Orji Uzor-Kalu today into Abia is a mark of a new beginning because the breeze of change will take over from today in Abia.

We welcome him and we urge him to take his rightful place as we all will always follow where he leads.

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