39-year-old mother-of-19 reveals she’s pregnant with her 20th child and all are with different men

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A woman who has 19 children is pregnant with her twentieth child and she revealed that she doesn’t plan on stopping.

Martha, from Medellin, Colombia, is only 39 and wants to continue having children until her body physically cannot conceive anymore – even if she doesn’t know who has fathered her brood.

Seventeen of her children are under 18 years old and Martha receives financial support from her government for each child.

“I see being a mom like a business, practically,” Martha, who has conceived all of her kids with different men, said.

39-year-old mother-of-19 reveals she

However, the mom says because she has so many children, the money she receives barely covers the cost of raising and caring for them.

“The truth is, as the government helps me for each child, I receive a little money for each one,” she explained.

Martha said she gets the equivalent of $76 for her eldest children and around $30.50 for the youngest ones.

Each month, the Colombian state pays her around $510 to care for her children.

Martha also receives help from the local church and her neighbours.

Despite having many children, Martha added that she will continue to have children until her “body doesn’t allow it,” as her current set of kids will “leave home when they grow up.”

39-year-old mother-of-19 reveals she

However, she admits life in the small three-bedroom house can be very challenging, with the eldest child having to sleep on the sofa.

Martha said she sometimes struggles to provide adequate meals for everyone on a limited budget but she will continue to have more kids because it is “profitable” for her.

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