2024: I don’t need a husband, I want to stay single but need a billionaire baby daddy – Nollywood diva, Linda John

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Beautiful Nollywood actress, Linda John says, marriage is scary and worrisome. Therefore, she’d rather stay single and have a baby for a billionaire than get tied down to a man for life.

The Benue State-born thespian noted: “For this 2024, my New Year resolution is ‘no gree for anybody’. 2023 was a tough year for me because I lost my dad, but it helped to unleash a certain strength I didn’t know I had.

However, I’m grateful for the new business ideas that I got to kick off the New Year. This year, marriage is not certain; it has become very scary and worrisome. So, I would rather have a baby for a billionaire and enjoy a baby-girl life. I want to fully focus on the things and people that make me happy,”

The well-endowed actress has, however, vowed never to subscribe to having body enhancement surgery. She also sounded a note of warning to her Nollywood colleagues who put their lives at risk doing body surgery.

“I will never go for BBL. In fact, I am quite close to some of my colleagues that did such surgeries, and I will tell you this for free, that most of them are regretting it right now. Reason is that they have to keep renewing it to be able to maintain the perfect shape. I know of someone that has gone for renewal thrice, and it is seriously affecting her health. So, I won’t advise anyone to go for it. Some of these ladies fell into the hands of fake doctors, just because they wanted to do it at a cheaper rate, and this further complicated their case. So, instead of giving them a round butt, they ended up with a square butt. It’s really crazy out there,” she asserted.

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