You can’t eat from Africa and disrespect us; Rwanda President Kagame says as he deports 18 Chinese nationals 

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One of the most revered Presidents in Africa, Paul Kagame of Rwandan has been trending currently on social media for what many refer to as an act of a true leader.

Reports have it that, President Paul Kagame have ordered the deportation of eighteen(18) Chinese Nationals from the country last week Wednesday.

The deportees were accused of violations of the laws of the country through the consistent abuse of the rights of citizens of Rwanda by making them “work abnormal hours like slaves” and also grabbing farmlands from indigenes. The reports further stated that, the deportees have been banned from ever traveling to Rwanda.

‘‘I am deporting those 18 Chinese back to their country and never returning back! Rwandese must enjoy their rights in their country”..[…] Let this be a lesson to all other peoples who want to live and work with us! Respect us and we’ll welcome you with our good hearts!” President Paul Kagame was reported to have stated.

He was further quoted to have said that, “Africa is a peaceful continent, we don’t tolerate discrimination here or are we welcoming to be slaves again. This country is for Africans and those who mean well for us are always






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