You opened Tricycle Assembly Plant in Lagos but introduced ODOGWU BITTERS in Igbo land – Obi Cubana reacts as Igbos hit him hard

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Mixed feelings and reactions has trailed the opening of Tricycle Assembly Plant in Ikorodu, Lagos by Igbo multiple millionaires, Obi Cubana.

Some of the reactions are coming from Igbos who are not happy that the entrepreneur would site such a project ourside Igbo land despite the preaching by many for Igbos to bring their investments down to the region.

However, Obi Cubana has finally hit at critics in his verified social media account. Obi Cubana wrote:

” Since the news of the tricycle assembling plant broke, many have asked, “Why not in the Eastern part of the country ?” Let me tell you, young people – business decisions aren’t driven by emotions, but by strategy and what works.

If setting up the plant in Ikorodu, Lagos will make it thrive and create jobs, then why not? Maybe with time, the business can expand to other locations, based on proven success and consolidation.

Don’t let ethnicity or the fear of what people will say dictate your business decisions. Make informed, strategic choices with the big picture in mind. Remember, when your business fails, opinions won’t save it”

The reactions:

Chigozie Biafra wrote:
Charity begins at home will make sense in six months from today with the current situation in the country on Igbos. He will know the reason why that statement was made, “Charity begin at home.”

Cmr Akpa Francis wrote:
But you can bring Odogwu bitters and other bitters down here, na we dey do ourselves

Ezeugo Ezeugo wrote:
Cubana decision is not a good example, considering the worrisome situation of things in Nigeria.

IVM located in SE Igboland is bigger than Cubana tricycle assembly in Lagos Yorobaland.
IVM is secured and thriving.

No amount of propaganda will change the reality.

Nigeria is not safe for Igbo investors.

Chuma C. Chuma:
Does it mean that Obinna is unaware of many companies thriving in the south east?
As rich as he is he doesn’t have any company in his state of origin. He is comfortable with paying huge tax and creating employments outside his home. He is only seen in Anambra state during funerals to show off.

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