Woman aborts her 4-months-old pregnancy after boyfriend sent her to US to deliver

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The lady aborted the pregnancy based on the excuse that it distracts her from work

A Nigerian journalist, Cynthia Agbor, has taken to Twitter to narrate how a guy sent his pregnant girlfriend abroad to give birth but she ended up aborting the pregnancy four months after she arrived there.

Cynthia Agbor disclosed the man had sent his fiancée to the US to give birth to their child and intended to join them afterwards.

In a series of posts on Twitter, she wrote: “This guy legit sent his babe to the US ???????? with the 2 months old pregnancy with plans of her giving birth there and he joining them.

Guess what, ????‍aunty aborted the pregnancy at 4 months. Saying the pregnancy is making her lazy and she can’t focus on work while there o.”

Cynthia said the man was taken aback when the woman told him that she had terminated the pregnancy because it was “making her lazy and not focusing on work there.”

Cynthia further added;

“She wanted him to go pay her bride price. Disturbing him about marriage. She didn’t want to return back for the marriage. Saying her sister will represent her. After which he should join her in the US. I think sometimes we ladies think our JUJU dey strong. I’m happy he is healing.”

iambigswag: “Three countries where you should never relocate your wife or fiancé from Nigeria to, USA, CANADA and UK, it’s 100 percent guaranteed that she will leave you.”

samhyllin: “If na your wife wey don born for you then no big deal because You sef no go wan marry rubbish …But girlfriend or fiancée ?? lmao”

official_Gregg1: “Even wife weh don born de leave their husband oga”

TweetMOPOL: “In this Uk? Single people dey struggle to find better wife or husband, na married person with child go come easy to find?
A lot of people here eventually start looking for partners back home. Except those that need papers”

samhyllin: “Na why I talk say make you no marry rubbish. No allow LOVE cover your eye”

thecloudba3: “Abort a baby at 4 months in US without a medical concern?”

odogwudozilla: “In some states you can abort at just before birth. Abortion on demand is normal in the US”

Netch_Sg: “Healing? Nobody heals from this kind of trauma…. Can’t he petition the embassy?”

Otega_official: “So he should marry her and make things legal and then finally go to US to enslave him. A woman that terminated a child with the excuse of its making her Lazy will also end his life with the excuse of she wants to be free. Glad he’s healing and has l

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