WICKED: Ex-boyfriend brutally assaults undergraduate after seeing her nearer another man’s car

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A 25-year-old student of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBU) Lapai has been brutally assaulted by her former boyfriend, Mohammed Abba Yahaya, after seeing her with another man.

The victim, Hussena, said the assault occurred while she was escorting a visitor from her house to the highway at about 9 pm. She said Mohammed, upon seeing her close to the visitor’s car, confronted her with questions about the man’s identity.

Hussena’s dismissive response ignited Mohammed’s anger, causing him to hit her on the forehead and deliver a powerful blow to her eye, following which she collapsed and bled profusely.

Hussena said after Mohammed had left the scene and took her iPhone from her, she went to his house to report the incident to his parents only for Mohammed to accost her on the way and delivered another blow to her already injured eye, telling her that she was lucky that he did not have on him a knife with which he would have stabbed her to death.

Hussena was later taken to IBB Specialist Hospital from where she was referred to the Minna General Hospital for specialized eye care.

Hussena’s mother, Hajiya Fatima, expressed deep concern over her daughter’s condition, noting that the incident had not only jeopardised Hussena’s academic future but also left her with physical and emotional scars that would last a lifetime.

The Victim’s mother demands for justice for her daughter.

Responding to the incident, the Niger State Police Command has arrested the 26-year-old assailant from his Tungan-goro residence.

The Command’s Public Relations Officer, SP Wasiu Abiodun, confirmed that Mohammed was detained on July 1, following a report made on May 30.

Abiodun in a statement said that the police were conducting further investigation and preparing to prosecute Mohammed for the assault.

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