What does 2020 brings? I don’t know but secure your 2020 from now. By Nkemdi C Mordi Kenneth

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I write as the spirit leads me. I wanna talk to some of us that work with private firms and companies, this is advice or ted talk anyone you call it, it’s welcome.

This year a lot of companies folded up duetto the economic meltdown, some retrenched their staff, while some are still surviving under the grace of God. If yours happens to be amongst the ones still surviving under God’s grace, thank God and don’t just thank God alone and relax, work your way into securing a position in the heart of your boss and his family this Xmas period by getting your boss and his family an Xmas hamper and paying them a courtesy visit during the courtesy make sure you request for a selfie, one that will be memorable.

This act attracts two things, either you become promoted in your office or when the company is about folding up which we don’t pray it does, but if need be that you are about closing down, you either get a reference from your boss in another company own by his friend or relative. By so doing, you have already won a spot in his heart.

But during this period too remember to be diligent and punctual to work, don’t allow Christmas holidays swallow up your thinking, remember you are working under someone not your own firm, so please don’t give yourself much break. Use your head and please don’t nag, even if they ask you to come to work on December 25th go, 26th you can rest and still take yourself out.

Doesn’t matter the amount of applications submitted without getting a positive result.

One ‘Win’ is sufficient.

One ‘Congratulations’ is enough.

One ‘We are pleased to offer the role of’ is enough to kickstart.

Anything can still happen before end of the year.

Stay put!

*_Be wise… Compliments!_*

*Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth for Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative(NMDI) Bringing Hope, Lighting Lives*

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