Ulasi-Okija Bridge Deathtrap: FG Comes to Commuters’ Rescue

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In line with Gen Buhari’s unfettered devotion for good governance, the suffering of commuters plying Onitsha-Owerri Road has finally become a thing of the past, just as the FG intervenes.

The bridge which was recently on the verge of collapse has been fully repaired by the Buhari administration.

Our correspondent who personally visited the reconstructed bridge to witness the development confirmed that the Buhari-led government has yet proven to be committed to the plight of the masses, following rapid renovations made by the federal government on the Ulasi-Okija Bridge, which is intended to further safeguard the precious lives of Nigerians and also avert unexpected calamities on the ever-busy bridge. This proactive step by the Buhari-led government further compliments his promise to deliver the dividends of democracy and good governance to all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe or political affiliations.


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