THE GOLDEN HEART OF UBA CHIEMEZUO ANYANWU – How he is bringing development to the grassroots

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Out of love for mankind UBA CHIEMEZUO decided to distribute all this items to all wards, OKENZE GINGER ONWUSIBE member representing Isiala Ngwa North Constituency was present throughout the movement because he said he’s a “lover of good thing”

WARD1:Amasaa Nsulu,
Amachi Health center
Donation of Generator set/
Repair of borehole.

WARD2:Umunna Nsulu,
Umuorgu electrification scheme/
Cash donation of
N150,000.To energise their transformer.

WARD3:Isiala Nsulu,
Eziala health center
Repair of borehole, replacement of water tank and Donation of Generator set.

WARD4:Ngwa Ukwu,
Osusu water project,
Amaokpu Osusu
Water project,
Repair of borehole
And Donation of Generator set.

WARD5:Ngwa Ukwu,
Ahiaba Ubi health center, repair of borehole and Donation of Generator set.

WARD6: Ihie,
Donation of 16 hospital foams,bedsheets and Generator set.

WARD7: Amasaa Ntigha,
Okpuala ntigha water project,
Repair of borehole and Donation of Generator set.

WARD8:Amapu Ntigha,
Orie Amapu water project, repair of borehole and Donation of generator Set.

Drilling of borehole, mountain of tank stand, donation of Transformer as well as Generator Set.

WARD10:Nbawsi Umuomainta,
Repair of borehole and Donation of Generator set.

To God be the Glory.

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