“the conditions of the Youths in this Country unbearable”, ‘Fr Ejike Mbaka

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“Many people have been asking, is Fr. Mbaka silent in the midst of all these EndSARS EndSARS ?

Do you know when I started crying that the youths should rise up ?…..

When the yoke becomes unbearable, the Bible said you should resist it ( Genesis 27 ).
What I am trying to say is that the condition of the youths in this country is unbearable ! The conditions are intolerable !
Not just in Buhari’s regime, from the past administrations. It has been like this. So, when we are ready to solve our problem, we solve it.
Even the SARS is not the problem. Even if SARS is ended, Nigeria problem will not end. I thank those who have started something, but I pray it should not be politicized.
How can our graduates after studying have no job in a country where senators will be sweeping millions and millions every month ?
It has been like this. It is not Buhari !…..

The roads were in total mess. Is there any money that should be approved to any eastern governor that Buhari seized ?
Let us all call a spade a spade. The system is wrong. It is evil. We need the youths to rise up. Otherwise, you will keep talking and age away and die away. I am ashamed of our leaders, even from the past…

What have we been doing with our oil money for years before the drop of oil ? Few people swindling our money. When we are ready, we solve the problem.
Before they say Mbaka has said. After all, whatever Mbaka said will be misinterpreted. If I keep silent, problem. If I talk, they will say Mbaka is going political. Nothing to please death !……

There are some good aspects of SARS people and there are some abuses. Which area of life in this country has not been abused ?

There are many things to end. Even the electoral system should be corrected…..

The name Nigeria is neither APC nor PDP.
Nigeria is a blessed country. We have creative, inventive, blessed, self sacrificing personalities who can change the image of this country, but some people have cannibalized and cabalized this country. Even the Police we are talking about, how much are they paid ? Look at the military, many who died in Sambisa Forest are forgotten, and not rewarded. Their families are abandoned. The reward mechanism in this country is zero !

And people should be careful when they talk about Mbaka said this, Mbaka said that.
If God reveals to me as his prophet, who is going to be the president, who am I to disobey God without announcing what God told me ?
I obey God and not man without apologies !
If God reveals to me that a beggar in the land of anywhere will be the president, and I see it clearly, I will speak !
I am a messenger of God. Everybody cannot be false. If you are sounding presumptuous, mine is not presumption. I don’t talk out of presumption, I talk out of clear and vivid prophecy.
It is not a thing to brag about. It is the gift of God. I am just an unworthy instrument. So, if you are talking, you are wasting your time, because I cannot be intimidated. That’s the problem……”

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