Russia Shocks The World As It Unveils This Deadly Weapon That Has Been Dubbed A Game Changer

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It has been declared the best sniper rifle ever. What makes it the most distintive it it distance of accurate shooting and hitting of a target. Most snipers especially those developed by the USA over the years have an average shooting range of slightly above and below 2000 metres. The Lobaev Arms SLVK-14S developed in Russia is said to shoot accurately for a distance of upto 3000 metres. This range is simply record breaking considering that it is twice the distance of effective of the British army sniper rifle; the L115A3 that shoots accurately upto 1500 metres.

This sniper is second to none. The chief engineer Yuri Sinichkin of the company that produced it says that it is made whilst giving attention to; that is, piece by piece just like a Ferrari. It fires a tactical round (the 408-inch Cheyenne) at muzzle speed of 900m/s that is triple the speed of sound.The engineer continues to say that it’s bullet can pierce up to 3cm thick of rail metal. In simple terms, no armour in the world can stop its bullet from piercing through. As such, a sniper has to ensure to make a thorough jugdement call before pulling the because once the bullet is away the that is it. Weapons agencies around the have termed this weapon a game changer.

The weapon costs 30000 euros which is almost four million kenya Shillings; rather costly. It weighs 10kg and made to fire a single shot at time. Now with the unveiling of such deadly weapons in to the world we only hope that they fall into the right hands, otherwise destruction is imminent.

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