RUMOURED COVID -19 DEATH:* LATE DR. SOLOMON OGUNJI FAMILY FIGHTS BACK ! Read the posers thrown to Abia state Government !

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We thank all those from all works of life who have commiserated with the Ogunji Nwabo family consequent to the death of our beloved brother, father and husband around mid-night of the 23rd of May 2020. The family is mourning and deeply sad at this time. But reading the media and press releases from different quarters in this regard with contents and conclusions which obviously contradict each other and do not add up for the family, constrains us to ask this burgeoning question; What is going on?

This question is firmly predicated on the following premise;
Just in few hours after the death of late Dr. Solomon Ogunji the Abia State government without recourse to the family of the deceased went to the press to announce his death and gave details of what they wanted the public to believe was the cause of his death, thereby contravening established laws of a person’s privacy and causing the family pain deeper than the loss of our brother. May we reiterate that for avoidance of any ambiguity that every individual either dead or alive has the right to privacy and extends same to survivors in the sad event of such individual’s death. Only his or her family can officially announce the death, its cause(s)(should they deem necessary) and or make announcements to the deceased burial arrangements. In the case of our late brother, family members who were not within the state got the news about his death from Official Facebook of the State government Officials, Social Media Blogs and other media platforms. What is going on?
The announcements did not only talk about his death but also the cause of his death. In the first instance it was linked to high blood pressure and shortly after in less than one week swiftly changed to COVID 19. Tell us some powers that be ordered COVID 19 test on his remains without the family’s consent because he was a government official. Would that not be the crest of illegality by those who should know the law, tradition and ethics? The rest of the discussion on the validity and reliability of COVID 19 test on a cadaver should be left for the virologist and pathologist to debate. In any case we wish to categorically state with the proofs at our disposal that this purported cause of his death bandied in the media diametrically negates the medical report we have in the last 48 hours of his life on earth. His death, its cause and the manner it is being handled and trumpeted raises suspicion and leaves more questions than answers. A situation where issues concerning our late brother is handled without recourse and psychological consideration of his wife and children who are in deep mourning leaves more to be desired. Can someone tell us what is going on?

For the avoidance of doubt it is auspicious to state unequivocally here that COVID 19 pandemic is real. It is common knowledge that it is raging globally and anyone can be a victim sometime without knowing he or she is positive. As a matter of fact both the low, the high and the mighty across the globe have been infected with many surviving and others dying. As such it will not be strange to the family if our late brother, son, and father actually died after being tested and certified COVID 19 positive while alive. But what is going on? It is on record that late Solomon Ogunji was a seating Commissioner for Environment and Chairman COVID 19 Inter ministerial Committee in the state, whose health condition during the week he died was not clandestine or discreet as he duly informed his friends and allies in government. Reading from official sources that he died of COVID 19 as being bandied and insinuated in the media makes the family more suspicious of the cause of his death.
On Tuesday 19th May, 2020 after his day’s work (including meeting with the Abia State COVID-19 Inter-ministerial Committee as the Chairman of the committee) he phoned the key members of the committee between 10 – 11pm to inform that he was feeling unwell. If the Committee members suspected possible exposure to COVID 19 virus after their interaction why was he not taken in for a test and, quarantined thereafter to save his life. Were they not supposed to have swung into clear, verifiable and visible action to save their own and prevent a possible spread of the virus in the state through him? Since they have the classified information of his being COVID 19 positive, should they not have contacted at least his wife or any member of his family and intimate them the possibility of him having come in contact with the virus? None of these was done. The family senses a foul play, that late Solomon Ogunji who served at the head of COVID 19 Ministerial Committee and went around encouraging people to stay safe even on the streets out of the comfort of his office is being assigned unconfirmed, unverified COVID 19 positive case post mortem. Even after his death these people who have the classified information that he died of COVID 19 did not take precaution to protect others by notifying the family immediately so they control the mammoth crowd that besieged his residence on the 24th May 2020. What is going on?

As we address the public now, our late brother’s wife, and one of his associates have been taken to an unknown destination to be tested and isolated. It becomes mind boggling to note that the result of first samples collected from 4 members of Dr Solomon Ogunji’s immediate family on 25th May 2020, for COVID 19 screening returned on 28th May, 2020, without any indication of positivity or negativity (inconclusive). What really happened? How were the tests conducted? How authentic are the results? We do not want to get into the issue of whether COVID 19 is tested in the state or not. As if that was not enough, on 28th May 2020 a second set of samples were collected. Those who conducted the test (unknown formally to the family) called one of the 4 tested persons on 30th May 2020 to indicate that the person was COVID 19 positive and should report to a certain destination. The same person who gave the information also confirmed that the result of the 3 others returned negative. Things took a frightening twist however, on 31st May 2020, when one of the persons earlier declared COVID 19 negative received a call to present himself for quarantine because he tested positive. What??????? How come a negative result has turned to positive within 24 hours without submission of a new sample? Does this not cast shadow on the integrity of this test? Also, contrary to media reports, all his close family members have not been tested even as at this time of writing. Someone tell us please what’s going on?
What is going on we have been asking? What is the motive of those peddling all the news in the public domain as it concerns the death of our beloved brother, father and son, late Dr. Solomon Ogunji. Could it be a smear campaign? Could this be a cover-up? The loss to us is irreparable if not for the hope we have in God. His death leaves more question on the conscience of those he loved, served, and sacrificed his time for. At this time of mourning by the family, (including our 85year old mother). We encourage the public to be circumspect in this regard.
Let God be the judge. The Almighty God whom the Ogunji family serves does not sleep nor slumber.

In God we trust. “Eziokwu ga puta ihe ma ka eziokwu n’agba ka


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