Rivers Hotel Demolition: Wanted PDP Leader Breaks Silence … accuses Rivers commissioner of frame-up and misinforming Gov Wike

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The wanted PDP youth leader of Eleme LGA of Rivers State, who was accused of leading thugs to beat up task force members who went to enforce the Governor’s directives to lockdown hotels has accused a the state commissioner of finance Isaac Kamalu as one behind his travail.

Princewill Osaroejiji spoke extensively to Cross Country Reporters for the first time since he was declared wanted by the Governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike.

“When I was called upon by the manager of the hotel (Prodest Hotel), he said there are some men that came there, and they said he should give them some money,.. because I know that place has been short down for long”

“I went there, when I got there it was people I nominated, the person I nominated… eehn Nkolowa Saka, he is my personal CSO, I nominated him for the state Covid-19. They were just 4 persons.”

Osaroejiji who is Alode youth President clarified that Prodest Hotel located in his community was not in operation, accused task force members of demanding bribe from the Hotel manager. He also accused the finance commissioner of taken advantage of his proximity to the Governor to misinforming into taken wrong actions.

“How will I led thugs to beat up people I nominate? This is not what Governor asked you people to do. Why will you go and ask for money? Is the hotel in operation? Even if it is in operation, you have to stop it”.

“Because he (Finance Commissioner Isaac kamalu) wants to fight me, he has vowed not to forgive me. He was close to Governor that’s why he misinformed Governor. That’s why I want Governor to call all the Chiefs, all the whole leaders of PDP in Eleme”

The Eleme PDP youth leader denied leading thugs to beat up members of the Covid-19 task force, and that he is not a cultist. He faulted the commissioner of information’s claim that the task force members were critically injured and lying in the hospital, describing it as wrong information.

“Nobody beat anybody. Most of the people that were lying down in the hospital…Governor brought food for Eleme people on Sunday, that’s the same day they demolished the hotel, those people (people lying down in the hospital) were there sharing the food, every ward went with their own”.

“On Monday they shared the food, this people were sharing food and people where seeing them. Nkolowa Saka was the one that shared their unit own, which is the Covid-19 palliatives, that was on Monday.”

“So do you see? For them to go and just lie down in the hospital, bandage themselves in the evening of Monday, that’s a wrong information”

“If any person was beaten up, they can not be there when they were demolishing the place, and that the same Sunday they went to the area command where they shared food. On Monday they were sharing food in the community and people were seeing them. Let’s even assume they were beaten up and they were hospitalized, will people be seeing them?”

“I married 17 years ago, I have 6 children, I have never been hand-coved before. I have never been indicted somewhere, I have never been invited anywhere for criminal issues. How could I be part of…to lead thugs? I fight against cultism, criminality. So why will it be Covid-19 something that they will declare me wanted?”

Mr Osaroejiji reinstated that he is a responsible family man, further demanded a meeting with the Governor for the issues to be sorted out.

“I want the Governor to see me one-on-one with the whole leaders. Please this is my pleadings to you”.

“So many things has been happening in the party, they can suspend somebody and they can recall back the person when they find out the truth, when they found out the truth because he (the Governor) was misinformed.”

“I am not worried about the suspension, but let the truth be said. I can not leave APC to PDP and they give me an appointment now, suspended from the party then I go back to APC, I don’t do things like that. I will remain until Governor finds out the truth.”

The youth leader said he is not the owner of the hotel as was peddled.

“The owner of the Prodest Hotel, I saw him last 5 years ago. If I see him now I can not recognise him. The owner of the hotel… he doesn’t even live here, he lives in Lagos. Five years ago was when I know.. eeh I saw him, five years, if not more than. I am not the owner of Prodest!”

“Some persons that have meet me that I should go and make them local government chairman, and I said I am not the one that will select who will be local government chairman, are involved in this thing, and I will tell them one by one. This thing was a framed, framed, framed story!!”

Princewill Osaroejiji, Eleme LGA PDP youth leader speaking on Nigeria Info 92.3 Fm News. 15/5/2020

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