Revealed: How Dowen College student Sylvester Oromoni died — Family doctor. Posted by News Mirror, February 2, 2022

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A medical doctor, Aghogho Henry Owhojede has told the Lagos Coroner Court how Sylvester Oromoni, a student of Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos died.

Dr Owhojede was giving evidence before the Coroner, Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri.

Under cross-examination by Akin George, a counsel of Lagos State, Dr Owhojede disclosed that the deceased was not treated at any hospital after his arrival in Warri.

Dr Owhojede, who has been the family’s doctor for 15 years, confirmed that he treated the deceased at home from November 26 to November 30, 2021 when he died.

He also confirmed that at a time, the deceased was taken to church for prayers.

Asked by the state counsel why he did not advise parents of the deceased against taking him to church, the witness said he is not against prayer but rather prefers combination of prayer and hospital.

He said on November 30, 2021, his family decided to take him to Delta State University Teaching Hospital (DSUTH), Oghara before his health deteriorated.

Dr Owhojede said he was in the family house on November 30 to give them referral letter and an ambulance to convey the deceased to DSUTH, stating he left behind a nurse before going back to his clinic.

He said few minutes after arriving at his hospital, they called and informed him that his condition had deteriorated.

“So, I told them to bring him to my clinic because it was close to their house. He was rushed to the clinic at about 10am. Because of much wailing and sadness, I did not issue a death certificate.”

He however said Sylvester was brought in “Dead on Arrival” around 10.00 am.

Earlier, under cross-examination by the counsel Dowen College, Mr Anthony Kpopo, Dr Owhojede narrated events that led to Sylvester Omoroni’s death.

He told the Coroner that he started attending to late Sylvester Oromoni on November 26, 2021 when he was brought from Lagos to Warri.

He said the father of the deceased called him on phone that his son was brought from Lagos and said that he sustained injury while playing football in school, at Dowen College.

When asked to read his clinical note, he said on November 26, 2021, the temperature of the deceased was high, which called for urgent medical attention.

He however said he did not write report of late Oromoni’s health on November 27, 2021.

He said: “As at November 26, 20121, I ran some laboratory test on his blood. I checked his packed-cell volume (PCV). The white blood cell was 6,800. On November 27, I did not check his PCV. I did not do random blood sugar. On November 28, 2021 the deceased felt better, his temperature value was in my clinic note.

“I did not check his sugar level. He is on a febrile touch. His PCV was 34 per cent on November 26 and by the 30th of November his PCV was 31 per cent. On November 26, his white blood cell was 6,500 but it was 17,500, which is called leukocytosis; which signifies that his immune system is compromised. Leukocytosis is one of the main causes,” he said.

The witness said that it is not correct to say that, as at the time he managed the patient, his blood sugar was 107 by November 30, adding ‘it has crashed to 54″.

When Kpopo asked for the interval he visited the child at home, and clarify the circle of ward round , the witness said he visited the deceased at 9. 00am on November 27 and the next visit was at 5pm on November 28. (32 hours interval).

He explained that Ward-round is done every morning and sometimes in the evening with the nurses.

Then the school lawyer tendered the laboratory result which was admitted as exhibit.

Under cross-examination by Mr Godwin Omoaka (SAN), representing one of the students alleged to have tortured the deceased, Aghogho said he did not know the interval he visited the deceased but he went to their house several time.

“When he was brought from school, X-ray was done and no evidence of fraction or dislocation of upper or lower limbs. His body was very hot (high temperature). The private ward was not available as at that time. Since there was no fraction or dislocation, I managed him at home on ad hoc basis, and there was a nurse with him.

“As at November 26, the boy had hepatomegaly which is enlarged liver, this is not a disease. This can be caused by hepatisis. There was no evidence of assault on his body. But trauma or beating can cause hepatomegaly. Blunt trauma could be the cause. It is not correct as penetrating injury. There was no injury to cause any enlarged liver,” he added.

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