Prof Ikonne Salutes Abians On New Year, Calls On Them To Partner With Him For A Greater Abia

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Fellow Abians, I welcome you all into the year 2023, as we all know 2023 is a year with so many expectations.

As we welcome and celebrate the New Year let us not lose focus of the fact that this year promises to be pivotal in our quest for a greater Abia.

Unfortunately, I am saddened to acknowledge that for many this Christmas and New Year holidays have been anything but merry and happy due to the unavailability of Premium motor spirit (PMS), and where it is available it is sold at a very high cost out of the reach of ordinary citizens like us.

making it very difficult for many to travel from their different places of residence to be with their loved ones.

This is a year of making bold and courageous choices as we go to the ballot to elect those who will pilot the affairs of our dear state Abia, let us take a critical look at all those who seek our mandate to govern us, what is their antecedents, what is their experience, what is their relationship with us before now, apart from what they stand to gain personally what are they offering us, do we know them enough to trust them, how accessible have they been, what have they done in the past to merit our trust?

The choices before us are not very complex, all we need to do is not take a cursory look at their bogus and deceitful promises, but a deeper reflection on their antecedents prior to their venture into the political ring will further expose us to make informed decisions

Let us query their past rather than swallow their lies, fake and unrealistic promises, we can’t afford a mistake at this stage of our development, let’s make sure we take details into consideration before casting our votes.

Fellow Abians, I offer you partnership in my desire to create the Abia that works for all, where every one of us will prosper, our proposed policy thrust, PARTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE is designed to make every Abian at home and in the diaspora participants and contributors to how he/she is being governed.

My vision is to lift our people out of poverty and into prosperity, my government, when elected, will significantly advance and improve road infrastructure across the 17 Local Government Areas, and we will engage more private sector participation to improve power generation, we will greatly invest in modern and mechanized agriculture to improve food production, I will aggressively pursue a stock of infrastructure in order to achieve economic advancement and competitiveness as targeted under the economic growth plan of my administration when elected.

My administration will deeply transform agricultural production to achieve food sufficiency and export-driven agricultural production, we will significantly increase access to agricultural commodities by creating the infrastructure and environment.

We will create an affordable, safe and efficient transportation system to stimulate economic activities in Aba, Umuahia, Ohafia, and other towns across the state, this is intended to serve as a catalyst and a pull factor to the economy of every LGA within Abia state based on comparative advantage.

While this space may not avail me the opportunity to expound our economic development plan as contained in our TIGER ECONOMY Policy Plan, let it be of note that my administration will ensure massive job creation spearhead the recovery of lost economic grounds, champion industrialization, ensure regular payment of salaries/wages and improve the Abia economy but most importantly create prosperity for all.

While thanking God for the relative peace and security he has graciously gifted us as a state through the wisdom and ingenuity of our dear Governor Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, our immediate measure when elected will be to sustain and improve the security of lives and property and to ensure the welfare of every Abian.

I urge every Abian to take into account that Abia is our only state and we have no other choice than to make it better for us all, I, therefore, implore Abians to join me today in partnership to create the Greater Abia where we all must prosper.

Let me thank God almighty who made this day possible for us all to be alive to witness the end of 2022, Finally, let me again express my heartfelt thanks to all Abians for their prayers, support, and love for me in my honest aspirations to serve our state, I feel deeply humbled by your good wishes and encouragement, I am determined to create an Abia we all will proudly call “HOME”

Let me on behalf of my family and the Uche Ndi Abia Campaign Organization use this opportunity to welcome you into our year of greater prosperity while wishing you a Happy New & Prosperous Year 2023

Prof.Uche Eleazar Ikonne
Abia PDP Governorship Candidate

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