PREPARE FOR COUP. Primate Elijah Ayodele drops bombshell

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The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has warned presidents of some African countries to prepare for a coup that will topple their government.

He listed Uganda, Togo, Benin, Guinea Bissau, Congo Brazzaville, Gambia, and Equatorial Guinea as countries in African countries that will experience a coup very soon if the presidents don’t put their houses in order and do the right things.

He made this known in a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin.

The prophet stated that there is no way anyone can stop a coup in Africa because the leaders have not done well. He explained that the leaders are corrupt and intoxicated by power and have caused no serious development to happen in the continent. He described coup as a revolution against bad leaders in the continent.

’There is no way anyone can stop a coup in Africa as long as leaders in the continent are not doing the right thing, there will be a coup. The following countries; Uganda, Togo, Benin Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, and Congo Brazzaville must tidy up and do the needful because a coup will soon happen in these countries.’’

‘’African leaders are not doing what they ought to do, they are corrupt and power intoxicated. The continent isn’t developing at all and there is no security. Coup is a fresh revolution in Africa against bad leaders. Any African leader that isn’t doing well should prepare for a coup.’’

Also, Primate Ayodele mentioned that some countries will also experience political coup except they quickly do the right thing.

‘’There will be a military coup and political coup in many countries on the continent. The following countries will experience political coups; South Africa, Central Africa Republic, Sao Tome Principe, Gambia, and Senegal. They must do what is needful against political coups.’’

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