Popular Nigerian traditionalist narrates his encounter with Jesus Christ, set to open a church for God By Godwin Okeagu

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A popular traditional worshipper, Mazi Boni Chimaraoke has taken to his Facebook handle to narrate an unusual encounter he had with heavenly messenger while in a dream, describing it as “terrifying’, adding that the visitor revealed himself as Jesus Christ, questioning why he should be teaching the people the ways of the ancestors, instead of the way of Christ, and further asked him to surrender his life to him.

Mazi Chimaraoke explained further the said messenger further asked him to open a church, citing the city of Porthacourt as the preferred location, with a divine mandate to deliver the sick, the oppressed and the wounded etc.

Continuing, “He said if I obey, that all the nations of the earth will hear my name and run after my ministry” Mazi Chimaraoke narrated.

He therefore used the occasion to call on spirited individuals and all lovers of Christ to assist him fulfill the calling.

“My problem now is land in Rivers state, children of God, can anyone donate land for God in Rivers State so that we can shame the devil and his handwork” he passionately appealed.

Recall that Mazi Boni Chimaraoke had in recent time been taking a swipe at Christainity, and had consistently questioned the divinity and existence of Jesus Christ, until this sudden twist of events where he has been arrested like the biblical Saul while on his way to Damascus.

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