Police officer goes berserk, shoots recklessly in Aba

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An Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP Ifeanyi Henry, is currently being held by the Abia State command for causing panic at the Aba Central Police Station where he pulled his gun and began shooting indiscriminately.

The police officer reportedly went berserk on a street linking the main gate of the station, suddenly pulled his pistol and began shooting sporadically, assaulting women, children and store owners.

ASP Henry reportedly started manhandling women, children and store owners close to the station around 7pm Saturday without provocation.

The spokesman for the state command, SP Geoffrey Ogbonna, confirmed that Henry is currently in custody.

“The Nigeria Police is a very disciplined organisation. And there are laid down procedures in handling the issue of any erring officer irrespective of his rank and cadre.

“I condemn the actions of the police officer and I have to tell you that he is in custody right now and he will be treated departmentally,” Ogbonna said.

Eyewitnesses told Daily Trust that Henry was seen with his pistol which he fired severally, battering and assaulting people, including wives of his fellow police officers who own shops very close to the Aba CPS gate.

One of the women who sells roasted chicken, yams and plantains had all her goods thrown into the gutter by the ASP, who also destroyed her kiosk and beat her up mercilessly.

It was gathered that at first, some passers-by wanted to attack him when he was manhandling the woman who sells roasted chicken, but only withdrew when they discovered he was a police officer in mufti.

Witnesses said that throughout the incident, everyone believed that the police officer was under the influence of drugs, as he repeatedly scared fellow police officers with his pistol and ran after and beat whoever he saw.

He suddenly stopped shooting in the air and began aiming directly at people, only for his pistol to jam.

It was when he bent over to fix the jammed pistol that Mobile Police officers around rushed in to disarm him.

As they were taking him quietly into the station, Henry caused another scare by grabbing an AK-47 rifle held by one of the officers in a bid to continue his shooting spree.

It took the intervention of the Mobile Police officers who repeatedly heat him hard in the arm before he let go of the gun, while they bundled him inside the police station.

After the incident, the adjoining streets around the Aba CPS became deserted while some persons who suffered several losses and injuries were seen crying and treating themselves close to the Aba General Hospital, adjacent to the station

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