Nollywood Popular Actor, Yul Edochie Finally Opens Up On Why He Married A Second Wife

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Popular actor, Yul Edochie, has finally opened up on why he married a second wife.

The actor trended on several social media platforms from late April through the most parts of May after announcing a second wife, Judy Austin and son, Star.

He explained in a video that he realised he loved his new wife though he had always been a believer of an old cliché that says, ‘a man cannot love two women at the same time’.

Explaining the reason behind his decision, the movie star said: “Why I took my decision of marrying a second wife. So, I decided to say why today. I used to hear people say a man cannot love two women at the same time.

“I’ve heard it a couple of time and I’m one of those people who believed it before. And I know a lot of people still believe it as well that a man cannot love two women.

“I used to believe it as well until it happened to me. I realised that, “Never say never”. No matter how old you are in this world. We are all young, we’re still learning. Things can happen, you learn certain things.

“At this point in my life, this is my opinion. I’m entitled to my opinion. My opinion may be wrong to you but it’s my opinion.”

Yul insisted meeting Judy Austin dispelled the old cliché as he became fully convinced that a man could actually love two women at the same time especially as he couldn’t resist the urge of keeping her after making a lot of impact in his life.

He continued: “At this point in my life, at this stage, I think it’s possible for a man to actually love two women. For me I think it’s possible because two women can be in your life and then they bring two different things to the table.

“They reason in different ways they contribute differently to your life. And you just realize that that just the way it is.

“Someone comes into your life and the person makes so much impact in your life and you just don’t want to let this person go or you just can’t let this person go.

Though he admitted to the fact that it was wrong to have let a single lady get so close to him as a married man but argued such things happen on a daily basis.

He further praised his two wives, describing them as “very wonderful women” in their own respective rights, who bring different things to the table.

The father of five said: “I know a lot of you would say as a married man, why would you allow another woman to come into your life and all that? Yes, you can say it’s wrong. It’s wrong, I take the blame for that. You can say it’s wrong. But let’s be honest, these things happen. It happened to me and then I realised that I just couldn’t let this wonderful woman leave my life.

“Make no mistakes about it, these are very wonderful women in their own respective rights. They bring different things to the table. Yes, you can actually love two women at the same time.

“I thought it was not possible but now I know it’s possible. You can actually love two women because two women can be in your life for two different reasons and they bring different things to the table.

“And then you realise than this person is important in your life and this other person is important in your life and you just can’t let any one of them go.

“That’s just the tip of it. I have many more reasons but for now, this is one of them. This is actually the main one. I may decide to bring out more but this is it; a man can actually love two women.

“Someone can come into your life. Yes, you may say the circumstances were wrong and all that. But these things happen. And then you realise you can’t just let this person go. This person has had a lot of impact in your life. You just don’t want this person to go and you try to see how you can make it all work. So, this is just a tip of it.

Appreciated all and sundry for their concern since the news hit the public space, the 40-year-old actor added: “A big thank you to everyone who’s concerned about me, I’m fine. My family is good, we’re working out things.

“Big thank you to the fans, friends all over the world who have shown so much concern about me, about everything.”

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