Meet The African President Who Never Travel Out Of Africa For a Whole Term In Office

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Tanzanian President finish is first team in office without going out of Africa for a whole team in office. and another thing you should know about him is that he did not even visit any African country not even his neighboring countries.

Does that also mean that Tanzania had a good medical equipment? Because we know too well that most African leaders like going outside Africa for medical check up.

HON.John Pombe Magufuli has distinguished himself as one of the African nationalist and no nonsense leader who values natural resources for the benefit of Tanzanians. and I also think that was why he was reelected back into office.

He was also criticise the way he handles the covid-19 pandemic. and one famous thing he did when the Coronavirus entered the African continent, he declared fasting and prayer.

and to the surprise of many the pandemic was stop in Tanzania. and He went ahead to declare Tanzania Coronavirus free.

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