Man Confesses to Killing his Brother with Rat Poison Over Piece of Land in Anambra

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A young Nigerian man, Kosarachukwu Ugwuka, has openly confessed to the killing of his elder brother over a piece of land in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Ugwuka, who was made to confess before a popular shrine at Nando in Anambra East Local Government Area on Sunday, July 10, admitted to being responsible for his brother’s mysterious death at Akala village in Anambra state.

A family narrated thus: “But when both of them were repeatedly interrogated, the nephew maintained that he is innocent, while Ugwuka continued to accuse him, and also continued to deny that he himself did not have any hand in the death.

“As a result, the villagers had to resort to using traditional means to unravel the truth. They have to take them to a popular shrine at Nando last Sunday, to swear before the deity, to prove their innocence.

“After his nephew had sworn and was vindicated, Ugwuka was hooked and instantly blinded by the deity while swearing, which made him to start confessing immediately. It was during the confession that he revealed that he killed his elder with rat poison because of land dispute.”

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