Kano Mysterious Death hit 640, COVID 19 not Unconnected, Kano Govt.

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The fears that Kano, Nigeria’s most populated state may lead the Covid-19 pandemic in the country to an alarming rate is fast becoming real – an official of the state has confirmed that the ‘unusual deaths’ in the state has risen to 640 in just seven days.

This development confirms a report published by TheNewsGuru (TNG) on cases of unusual deaths in the state which is yet to be directly linked to the deadly Coronavirus that is threatening the world at large.

Speaking on Channels TV about the increasing deaths in the state, the Deputy Coordinator, Kano State Covid-19 Response, Dr. Sabitu Shuaibu clarified that the 640 death was recorded in the last one week and not in two days as insinuated by some person in the social media.

He added, “Let’s say about an average of 100 deaths daily from Kano metropolis, but don’t forget that around 50% of the Kano population are within the metropolis; we can agree that there are deaths going on, but we also understand that there are deaths going on from other causes. We are saying that we are putting up a system to investigate if there is a link between Covid-19 and the deaths.

“There are deaths going on, it may include Covid, but people are also dying or other causes.”

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