JUST IN: Pastor Timothy Benedict, Chimark’s spiritual mentor,has been arrested by men of the Nigerian police

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He was arrested yesterday.

He is currently in custody after a petition written by Chinmark victims was received by our law enforcement agency.

Victims’ money was traced to his bank accounts, and he was alleged to have helped Chimark launder victims’ money as well.

He will be charged to court soon.

2) The surety that stood as a guarantor for Chinmark when he was arrested earlier this year was also picked up at the same time.

He is currently singing like a canary bird, telling the crack detectives about what he knew about Chimark’s heist.

3) The Queen of Ponzi scheme, Amanda Chisom, was at the Interpol office last week where she was questioned again on what she knew about the Chinmark heist with the fresh allegations that she was all over the place discouraging victims from pursuing forensic investigation via the security agencies, especially the Interpol, alleging that they are compromised and corrupt.

All in a bid from distracting the victims from pursing the money traced to her.

4) The people behind this arrest and the travails of Chimark’s spiritual mentors’ are the same people who orchestrated the arrest of Amanda Chisom earlier this year.

We can accuse them of so many things, but one thing we can’t accuse them of is the fact that they are short on courage.

In my many interactions with them, especially the figurehead of the group, one thing stands out for me:

They are not ready to rest on their oars till they recover their money, taken from them by Chinmark.

Till justice is done in this matter.

This is the promise they made to themselves.

By Chukwudi Iwuchukwu

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