Just In: New armed group emerges in Dansadau area of Zamfara State

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Reports say a new armed group has emerged at Koyabana Forest, in Dansadau District of Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

The new armed group, the reports further said, is to instill fear in bandits to stop kidnapping and attack on farmers.

The group will also provide security to allow farmers access to their farmlands to ensure food sufficiency and security.

Sources said, members of the new armed group, want to be receiving food in the bush.

It said, if the activities of bandits continue, food supply and essential commodities would be cut off for the bandits and the military will come after them with air raids.

This explains why the new group is warning the bandits to desist from their activities, if not, they will make life difficult for them in the forest.

Members of the group were said to have observed last Friday Jumaat prayer in Damdala community, which is about 15 kilometres from Dansadau town.

Sources say, the new armed group keeps long beards and performs their Jumaat prayer separately from other Muslims in the Damdala community.

The sources also said, the group preached to the bandits that instead of attacking and kidnapping poor farmers and preventing them from engaging in farming activities, they should face government officials with their guns.

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