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:Says, they belong to failed Fulani Kleptomaniacs

IPOB has lambasted self acclaimed Northern spokesmen, Alhaji Junaid Mohammed and Alhaji Ango Abdulahi over the comments of the duo regarding the leader of the famous Indigenous People of Biafra, Maxi Nnamdi kanu. In a release by the Media and Publicity Director /Secretary of the group, Comrade Emma Powerful and reads, “We regard the unsolicited and frequent outbursts of these grand patrons of terrorism from the north as symptomatic of a frustrated and failed generation of Fulani kleptomaniacs that ran Nigeria into the ground. They belong to a shameful bygone era of failed political and economic leadership driven by a primitive feudal mindset that were given so much yet delivered so little. They are laughably referred to as elderstatemen when they never and will never contribute anything tangible to the advancement of the society. These are the same men that presided over the affairs of the failed Second Republic due to their corrosive ignorance and parochialism.

Junaid Mohammed and Ango Abdulahi have repeatedly touted themselves as the henchmen of the caliphate and in their delusions have made the mistake of equating IPOB agitation for freedom to anything they have seen before. How misguided they are. Recent decisive diplomatic advances recorded by our leader have taken the corrupt north by surprise and they have in turn been reduced to blabbing like a bunch of disgtuntled drunkards kicked out of a bar for unruly behaviour.

Every other day we read about Ango Abdulahi or Junaid Mohammed on the pages of newspapers mouthing their usual Arewa is Lord mantra rubbish because the British adopted them as their favourite house slave. They never grant live interviews nor have they allowed any meaningful cross-examination of their twisted views. These unity begging parasites from the caliphate must understand that they are not in the same league as our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and will never be. They are nothing but glorified Alimajiri with nothing to offer apart from threatening people and promoting Fulani cattle hegemony in a mentally backward society like Nigeria.

Junaid Muhammad is roundly uninformed and clueless about the facts and reasons behind the resurgent IPOB led agitation for Biafra because they are products of a failed British experiment and in their own right the architects of the reign of Fulani feudal mediocrity in Nigeria.

Our leader never asked anybody to campaign for his return to bury his mother, why these busy-bodies would be poking their noses into a matter that does not concern him is beyond understanding.

At the mere mention of the name Nnamdi Kanu the entire Fulani caliphate and their supporters go into convulsion. At least there is now an open acknowledgement within political circles in the north that Nnamdi Kanu will succeed in not only freeing Biafra but will break Nigeria into pieces.

Biafra is coming and there is nothing the core Arewa North can do about it. It’s important Junaid Muhammad and co know that our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is yet to make his intentions public regarding his proposed visit to Biafraland. If and when that happens, they should be rest assured that no permission would be sought from the Aso Rock Fulani cabal that rule Nigeria or anybody else for that matter. Our leader cannot ask a fraudulent Sudanese for permission to visit the land of his fore fathers. Had he been planning to visit Khartoum then the need may arise but not on this occasion “. he concluded.

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