IPOB Commends Uzuakoli Leaders For Rejecting APC Proposed “RUGA PROJECT” In Their Community.

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The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) commend the people of Uzuakoli Community over their adherence to IPOB’s call on them to reverse the process of ceding Uzuakoli ancestral land for the so called Federal Prison/RUGA project in that Community. We equally commend the Community members mentioned in IPOB’s press release couple of days ago as facilitators and agents for the project for ensuring that the project was aborted.


As was confirmed by the APC Government through their Interior Minister, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola that the proposed Prison Facility project cum RUGA settlement at Uzuakoli has been suspended.


We commend everyone in the Uzuakoli Community who adhered to the advice from IPOB as well as other well meaning Biafrans who in one form or the other were instrumental to halting such disasterous project. The evil Nigeria government will not build industries in our communities so that our youths could be gainfully employed but they want to construct prisons where they will imprison these youths and harvest their organs. We also encourage other Communities in Biafra land to learn from Uzuakoli people and never get involve in such a deceptive Federal Government project that will end up as a RUGA settlement for Fulanis.

IPOB will keep monitoring every Communities in Biafraland and any Community,  individuals or group of persons who willfully indulge in such deceptive and evil act of giving our ancestral lands to Fulani Government will have IPOB to contend with. We advise every Community in Biafraland and Biafrans to abide to the IPOB’s POLICY of “No land to Nigeria Government” else those that may neglect this advice will have themselves to blame.


IPOB is not ready to succumb to any pressure from any corner in Biafraland because our ancestorial lands belong to us and our unborn Children. Going forward no body should touch or do any harm to the following individuals for they have redeemed themselves.

1. Ozuo 11, Uzuakoli

2. HRH Eze  Kanu Ikonte.

3. President General (UDA ) Uzuakoli Development Assoication

4. Engr Okechukwu Mark Nwaokoro

5. Youth chairman Ngwu,  Uchechi Maduka

6. Ugwu 1 of Ngwu Uzuakoli

, HRH J C Okorie



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