If politicians don’t stop talking trash about me, i will expose their secrets–Sunday Igboho threatens

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Popular Yoruba Rights Activist, Sunday Igboho called on all politicians talking trash and irrelevant things about him to put an end to it or risk being exposed by him.

Sunday Igboho said this while responding to a viral article written by a Nigerian senator , Femi Ojudu, who accused Sunday Igboho of having a meeting with him and Tinubu in 2009 and collected a huge sum of money to tame him from supporting PDP and disrupting the rerun election In Ekiti.

Which Sunday Igboho bluntly debunked, but admitted to visiting Tinubu in Lagos regarding Mimiko’s Ondo state election on the order of Ladoja, his then Godfather, and admitted that he was given some money to fuel his tank.

He said Tinubu had called him up and scheduled a meeting with him where he implored him to be neutral in the election and reportedly gave him N2m for fuel.

Sunday said that was the only encounter he had with Tinubu contrary to Ojudu’s claim.

He however called on the senator to prove his claims by swearing before any gods that he serves.

He went further to give warnings to all other politicians who want to sabotage his effort in fighting for the freedom of the Yoruba nation to desist from saying trash about him or risk being exposed by him.

“You know I have information about all your secrets, all you dirty politicians.” Stop saying trash about me, else I will expose your secrets “


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