I wouldn’t have responded but the reactions and assertions are becoming misleading- December Nwadoro reacts to the accusations levied against him by his estranged wife Divine Anawanti

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Mr December Nwadoro has reacted to allegations levied against him by his estranged wife, Divine Anawanti

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Some persons lack rationality in thier reasoning and judgement.

You believed all the stories she framed up just to attract unnecessary sympathy?

You believed I can sleep with a neighbor who stays in the same compound with us. A neighbor who always stay with my ex wife whenever am out for work due to their closeness. A neighbor who is more like a family member. A neighbor who participated in the planning of our marriage ceremony. A neighbor who was there on the day of our engagement party.A neighbor who is equally on of the Ashoebi. A neighbor who assisted my ex wife on every errands to ensure the success of the marriage ceremony. A neighbor whom I have never asked out for any day or developed interest for. A neighbor who was there when I wasn’t yet married and I didn’t consider having an affair with the neighbor. A neighbor that was also there when my ex wife was visiting as a mere girlfriend. I didn’t do anything with the neighbor then when I was single but you believed that I can Start sleeping with the same neighbor even after marriage. My brother be reasonable, what you don’t know, you don’t know. You believed the neighbor charmed me, so why can’t my ex wife meet a spiritualist to reverse the charm

You believed that she gave birth and I abandoned her in the hospital?
A hospital I visited and also sent money for hospital bills for their discharge.

Do you also find out from her if I was informed about giving birth through CS (operation)?

Do you also find out from her if I was informed the day she was taken to the hospital for delivery when she is due as her husband?

Did you also find out from her the location where she delivered and try to know why?

Do you also find out from her if they informed me when she was on Labor, when they took her to the hospital, when they wanted to do the CS, did they notify me?

Do you also find out to know why she left my house on 24th Dec 2023 to an unknown destination without my knowledge till the day she delivered? Then when I called her and her people to know her whereabout, they didn’t tell me the exact place she was rather they kept it secret until the day she put to birth.

Do you also find out from her to know how her mother threatened my life, to render me and my family useless.?

Do you also find out from her to know how her mother have been trying to be the one running my family affairs, detecting what happens in my matrimonial home, controlling my family and interfering in everything that concerns my home as if am married to her mother?

Do you also find out from her to know why she came with her family members to my house when I traveled, burgled my house and packed all my properties, valuables in my two bedroom apartment including all my credentials and documents?

I will stop here for now, be careful when reacting to critical issues of this kind.

I will not speak further than this, it’s a long story.
– N. December

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