I Stand Against The Release Of Boko Haram Terrorists, They Are Still Killing Nigerians- Senator Ndume

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“The war is not over and to some people that have been killing people, you say you’re doing operation save corridor.

“They know my position on Boko Haram issue, I am totally against it, it is after the war. It is when you win the war, that people surrender that you’ll think about that (reintegration into the communities). You keep them somewhere, go to America, guantanamo bay, for how many years some people suspected to be Talibans or terrorists being detained there.

When are people are living in camps, then, you’re training people (terrorist) and giving them money for startup ?

You’re just telling them to go and join Boko Haram, then go and repent and be something.

“I Stand Against The Release Of Boko Haram Terrorists & Giving Them Amnesty/Start Up Money. It’s Unacceptable. Boko Haram Are Still Killing Nigerians “.- Senator Ndume Thousands of BH Victims Are Still In IDP Camps, Yet Buhari Is Empowering These Terrorists.

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