I Am Father To All – Jonathan Speaks On Receiving APC Leaders

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to the now-viral news that he received some APC leaders led by Timipre Silva(Minister of state for Petroleum) on Monday after APC won the governorship poll.

Speaking on this, he said that as a former president and a former Governor of the state, he remains a father to all adding that his doors are always open to all citizens irrespective of political affinity.

He concluded by advising David Lyon, the APC candidate, who emerged victorious during the poll to focus on delivering his campaign promises to the people of the state now that the election is over.

“As a former President of Nigeria, I am a father to all Bayelsans, hence my doors are open to all citizens irrespective of their political affiliations. I urge you to make the welfare of Bayelsans a top priority and carry all Bayelsans along irrespective of the party they voted for.

“Elections are over now, so I want you to see yourself as the Governor of all Bayelsans and not only to the sections that voted for you. This is the way to move Bayelsa forward.” he said

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  • I do not know why elected Nigerian politicians think they are father to their electorate. They are employed by the people to serve them using their special skill which could be leadership, humility, empathy and equity or education and knowledge of subject matter. The elected individual could be as young as 20 to lead a constituents of 60 or more year olds, how is he the father of all?

  • Dr. Good luck Jonathan display of maturity has remained unparalleled in the annals of Nigerian Presidency. He is still the best President Nigeria never had in 2015

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