How 13-Year-Old Boy Saves Lives, Stops Bus After Driver Loses Consciousness

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A middle school student in Warren is being hailed a hero after he helped stop a school bus when the driver had a medical emergency behind the wheel Wednesday.

The incident happened on Masonic Boulevard near Bunert Road as students from Carter Middle School were heading home.

The district said the driver became light-headed and lost consciousness while the bus was moving.

The seventh grader, Dillon Reeves, noticed the driver was in distress, went to the front of the bus and helped stop it. T

The Warren police and fire department responded quickly, the district said, and helped the driver.

The students were put on another bus to go home. Police said no one was hurt.

The actions of the student who helped stop the bus made all the difference today, the district said in a press release. Dillon’s mom Ireta Reeves said someone decorated their yard to thank him for his quick thinking.

A 13-year-old student has been praised for averting a possible crisis by stopping his school bus after the driver felt dizzy and lost consciousness while driving.

The Michigan seventh grader, Dylan Reeves sprung into action Wednesday afternoon during his ride home from Carter Middle School in Warren, a city 20 miles north of Detroit, Warren Consolidated Schools Superintendent Robert Livernois said.

According to NBC News, when the bus driver “became lightheaded and lost consciousness” while driving on Masonic Boulevard near Bunert Road, the student “saw the driver in distress, stepped to the front of the bus and helped bring it to a stop without incident.”

The statement from the superintendent disclosed that the police and fire departments reacted to the scene and treated the driver.

It also said the students were moved onto another bus for the rest of their ride home, as Reeves became a hero for saving his mates’ lives.

“The actions of the student who helped stop the bus made all the difference today, and I could not be prouder of his efforts,” Livernois said.

It was not immediately clear how many kids were on the bus nor what the driver’s current condition is

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