House on Fire: Silent war in the Senate

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A quiet war with potential for deep scars is brewing in the Senate. It is over the 100 slots the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) allegedly allocated to the leadership of the upper chamber in the agency’s recruitment exercise.

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The practice before now, Sentry gathered, had been that such gestures would be spread to other members of the upper chamber in order to make them happy and retain their loyalty. This time around, however, the leaders allegedly decided to corner all the slots, leaving nothing for other members.

For instance, a particular leader was said to have been given 26 of the 100 slots and he gave all the slots to job seekers in his own constituency, not even minding to extend the gesture to job seekers in the two other senatorial districts in his state.

The development has generated serious anger, with many aggrieved senators cursing and threatening a showdown with the leadership. Some are said to be blaming themselves for toeing the ruling party’s line in the election that heralded the leadership.”

Walahi (swearing by Allah’s name), we made a big, terrible mistake,” an aggrieved senator said.

“Where is merit, fairness or competition in this, when people are employed based on the people that they know, or who recommended them? ” another aggrieved senator queried.

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