HOT: NEW GROUP GIVES SPEAKER 7 DAYS ULTIMATUM TO RESIGN NOW *Order him to surrender all his emoluments since 2015 because of this.

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This might not be the best of times for the Speaker of Imo State, Chiji Collins, as a Civil Society Organisation (CSO) under the aegis of the Advocacy for Justice and Accountability (AJA) has asked given the Speaker a seven-day ultimatum to resign his position in the house as Speaker or risk an order of Mandamus to investigate his PhD and National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) certificate.

Recall that the Speaker has been enmeshed in a certificate forgery scandal which has prompted most of his colleagues in the house to seek for justice.

Country Director of CSO, Yomi Balogun in a letter he addressed to the Speaker dated 15, July 2020 and a copy obtained by journalists also requested the Speaker to surrender his salary, emoluments since 2015 till date to the coffers of the State Government since he noted that the alleged falsification earned him those entitlements.

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