Happening Now:Protesters Have Now Gotten To Tinubu’s Residence In Bourdillon Street, Ikoyi

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According to a video and report posted by Reno Omokri, he made it known that peaceful protesters have now made their way to Bourdillon Street, Ikoyo where Tinubu’s Residence is reportedly located. Reno Omokri made it known that peaceful protesters have gotten to Tinubu’s residence and they have occupied the street.

As you know that some people have been accusing Tinubu of having something to do with the deadly attack on protesters at Lekki Toll Gate Yesterday. He has denied this allegation and made it clear that he doesn’t have anything to do with the attack according to Daily Trust. Meanwhile, the video I would show you below shows peaceful protesters at Tinubu’s Residence as they kept singing “How many people soldier go kill, they go kill us tire”

The peaceful protesters kept chanting and singing that “how many of them would soldiers kill”, they kept going and said “they would kill them until they are tired”.

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