Group uncovers plot by Alex Otti to protect old Bende and humiliate the Ukwa Ngwa Nation

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A group under the aegis of Ukwa Ngwa Consultative Forum has frowned at what it described as sub – ethnic cleansing, calculated humilation and wicked profiling of the Ukwa Ngwa People in Abia state by Dr. Alex Otti led administration.

In a statement made available to journalists, the group under the leadership of Chief Uzoije Nwankpa, President General and Promise Ukandu, Secretary General respectively said the Alex Otti led administration has so far demonstrated his hatred for the Ukwa Ngwa Nation that provided space for him to live, even as it’s obvious he is from Arochukwu LGA and since returned back to his ancestral home several years ago and built a mansion.

The group added that, they are not in any way against the government of Dr. Alex Chioma Otti and will do anything within their capacity to make him succeed but noted that a cursory look at his actions reveals a wicked vendetta and we’ll scripted moves. Having succeeded in playing divide and rule that attracted the gullible that worked for him during the elections, he has started his second phase, which is to wipe – out the Ukwa Ngwa Nation from the political map of Abia state.

The group hinted that, before the 2023 general elections, Alex Otti while seeking support of some prominent Ukwa Ngwa people, had told them he had returned his PVC to his home town, Arochukwu, promising to return power to Ukwa Ngwa Nation after his tenure, only for them to later discover it was lies from the pit of hell, that was smartly crafted on deceit before the elections to gain support and votes as he had already entered agreement with Dr. Uche Ogah to hand over to him after his tenure, the group alleged”

In furtherance to their claim, the group pointed out that the appointment so far made by Otti adminstration, had carefully reserved the more juicy positions to his Old Bende brothers, in a ratio of 80% to the 20% for the Ukwa Ngwa Nation.

The group also pointed out the recent probe panel set up by the government of Alex Otti to recover land and properties of government as the final straw and queried why none of the members of the panel is from Ukwa Ngwa Nation if not to protect past administrations led by Old Bende people.

” We are asking, Is Dr. Alex Otti probing past administrations of Orji Uzor kalu, Theodore Ahamefula Orji or only fixated on the administration of his sworn enemy, Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu, the group queried.

The group therefore urged Dr. Alex Otti to come clear in his probe panel by making the terms of reference open to Abians and not toe the line of seeking to punish Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu based on his hatred on him and profiling the Ukwa Ngwa Nation to intimidate and humiliate them.

” We ask, if Alex Otti is not targeting to humiliate the Ukwa Ngwa Nation, why limit the probe to only Ikpeazu administration. What happened to Orji Uzor kalu with N7.5 billion conviction hanging on his neck? What happened to Sen. TA Orji’s N552 billion EFCC case?

Why not activate the already established cases of fraud before the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) if he meant well for Abia rather than a vendetta targeted on one man?

The group also raised posers for Otti and his panel asking thus: Who are the owners of the properties in old Umuahia main market ( Ogwumabiri)? Who are the owners of ShopRite ? Who are the owners of the duplexes at Finbars street? Who are the owners of the land where Market Square is situated? Who are the owners of the buildings at old Ministry of works, opposite FCMB, near Government House? Who are the owners of the duplexes at the old Ministry of Housing, Timber road ? Who are the owners of the shops at Ubani Main Market, buildings at Old Timber, Ohokobe – Afara and the buildings at the new Timber Market, Umudike road? Are they not part of government land and properties?

Is it true that Dr. Alex Otti while in charge of Diamond Bank, approved and released N4 billion naira loan to Abia state government for the construction of a new government house” ,the statement concluded ”

The days ahead shall indeed shake the peace of the state if certain steps are not taken and fast too.

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