Graduate tears certificates in Bauchi state Said Nigeria is not a fair country

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A graduate from Bauchi state by the name Usman Abubakar has reportedly tears and burned all his schools certificate, because he couldn’t get a job after graduating since 2014 from Bauchi state University.

According to him Nigeria is not a fair country, and he have no future with a country where jobs is only given to people who knows high ranks politicians with influence, and for that he give up all that he worked for from primary school to university.

He said again that all that is left for him is to find work that he will use his energy, since my country have betrayed me and make me and my parents wasted our resources to study but only to deny me job.
His parents too support his decision to destroy the certificates, because he worked hard and he knows what he learn because he finish with second class upper honour but they searched for work everywhere but to no avail.

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