EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Army Charges Nine Soldiers With 9 Counts Of Mutiny, Misconduct For Protesting Against Overcrowded Cells, Poor Feeding In Sokoto

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No fewer than nine soldiers detained at the 8 Division of the Nigerian Army provost group detention in Sokoto State, for different offences have been charged with nine counts of misconduct, after they broke out of “overcrowded cells” to protest poor feeding, others.

This was contained in a charge statement dated 11th June 2024 and signed by the General Officer Commanding (GOC), 8 Division, Major General GM Mutkut, which was obtained by SaharaReporters on Wednesday.

The army authorities listed their offences as; mutiny, attempt to escape from lawful custody, offence in relation to public and service property, house breaking, wrongful Confinement and Assault.

The soldiers involved include; 03NA/54/5846 Sgt Ishaku Zando; 15NA/74/3314 Lcpl. David Gara; 13NA/70/9906 Lcpl. Akon Okwa; 15NA/73/1096 Pte. Solomon Gideon; 17NA/76/1660 Lcpl. Ekefre Charles; 17NA/76/3613 Pte Emmanuel Gyet; 17NA/76/4847 Lcpl. Ogunkayode Adegoke; 18NA/77/2492 Pte. Genesis Emmanuel and 03NA/54/5103 Cpl Suleiman Hamisu.

“That you 03NA/54 /5846 Sgt Ishaku Zando and Eight others ,between 9th of may 2024 and 10th may 2024 or thereabout at 8Div provost Group Dentention Facility Giginya Barracks Sokoto while being remanded /detained for trial by Court Martial combined together to jointly and violently break, pull down and destroy the internal iron protectors and walls of the 8Div provost Detention Facility in order to facilitate your escape and impede your trial by 8Div Courts Martial.

“Count 1.  Statement of offence Mutiny. Count 2. Statement of offence Attempt to escape from lawful custody.

“Count 3. Statement of offence. Offence in relation to public and service property.

“Count 4. Statement of offence. House Breaking

“Count 5. Statement of offence. Wrongful Confinement. Count 6. Statement of offence. Mutiny

“Count 7. Statement of offence. Mutiny

“Count 8. Statement of offence. Mutiny

“Count 9. Statement of offence. Assault,” the charge document reads in part.

SaharaReporters had exclusively reported that a soldier identified as Lcpl Charles Ekefure with 17NA/76/1660 was shot following complaints by some detained soldiers who broke out of their cells (guardrooms) in Sokoto State.

The incident occurred at the 8 Division of the Nigerian Army in Sokoto amid the soldiers’ clamour for better food and improved living conditions.

It was learnt that the soldiers had demanded to speak to Major General Mutkut Godwin, the GOC 8 Division, Nigerian Army.

A source who spoke with SaharaReporters had said over 100 soldiers were detained at the 8 Division with 10 soldiers in each cell.

The source said some of the soldiers had been in detention for four to five years.

The source said, “There are 10 rooms in the facility and each room is supposed to take maybe two persons, it’s very small. But the rooms are now congested because there are almost 10 persons in a room and over 40 people are sleeping in the corridor.

“The incident happened as the detained soldiers complained about their standard of living, broke the guardroom gate and demanded to speak with the GOC.
“Some officers later told them that the GOC was on the ground to speak with them but surprisingly the GOC was not there. But they opened fire on the soldiers. Lcpl Charles Ekefure and Lt Col JS Obot gave the order.


“Many soldiers are there who have not been receiving salaries for 2 to 3 years.

“While some of the soldiers in the detention have been there for 4 to 5 years now. Injustice has been taking place,” the source added.

“Some of the soldiers have now been moved from the 8 Division provost guardroom where the incident happened to garrison guardroom, while some were moved to Air force guardroom. Seven others were granted open arrest.”


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