EDO GUBER 2020: ADAMS OSHIOMHOKE THREATENS GOV. GODWIN OBASEKI. * Join PDP and meet us in Court over your certificates.

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The former National chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has threatened to go to court if the PDP fields Obaseki. describing the governor’s resignation from the APC as “good radiance to bad rubbish,” He said the party would take Obaseki to court over the alleged discrepancies in academic qualifications.

He said: “Fortunate enough, it was the PDP that exposed him in 2016. PDP filed a case at the Federal High Court amplifying every forgery segments in his certificate. APC just managed to escape that because PDP filed out of time and the case was struck out.

“Now, the case has life, so, when they field him, we will be at the court to adopt what PDP filed before the court against him with additional evidence we now have against him. So, we can’t wait to have PDP field him as their candidate. So far, we are good, we will soon separate the boys from the men. He has had a good day abusing, saying half truths against me, that’s fine.”

“Obaseki has that democratic right to leave or join any party of his choice. It is his right to leave APC, there is no compulsory membership of a party. A political party is a voluntary association. If you want to stay, you stay, if you want to leave, you leave. He has exercised that democratic right. However, from my point of view, it is a good radiance to bad rubbish.”

“When you forged a certificate like you saw in the case of Bayelsa State, where we won an election, and on account of irregularities on the certificate of our candidate, we lost out at the Supreme Court level. Only a foolish political party will not, with due attention meticulously, screen those who want to contest election on the platform of the party.”

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