#Dot-In-A-Circle: “I Am A Happy, Proud Dot”.  Igbo Writer Sends Message In poetry By Charity Uwakwe

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An anonymous Igbo writer has taken an exception to the metaphorical statement of President Mohammadu Buhari, wherein the Igbo extraction was ridiculously referred to as a “Dot-In-A-Circle”, exclaiming enthusiastically that “I am a happy proud dot.”

Recall that PMB had, while speaking on Arise TV spoken pejoratively to the Igbo nation, describing the nation as a “Dot-In-A-Circle”, while also threatening to unleash his battalions of Army and other security personnel on the Agitators of separation from the Nigeria nation.

In his remarks, PMB stated:
“IPOB is just like a dot in a circle. Even if they want to exit, they’ll have no access to anywhere. And the way they are spread all over the country, having businesses and properties. I don’t think IPOB knows what they are talking about. In any case, we say we’ll talk to them in the language that they understand. We’ll organise the Police and the military to pursue them.”

To this effect, the proud Dot with the pen, alongside many other Igbo have, amidst an aura of confidence, taken to their social media handles to express publicly, their unreserved love for the Dot-In-A-Circle and have prided in their position as the Dots.

She wrote:

I am proud to have emanated from the Dot-In-A-Circle nation who can always fall and stand without raising alarm; I am dreaded by the “Circle” itself.

I am proudly from the Dot-In-A-Circle, the irresistible proud Igboland who from origin believe that smallness is the same womb that gives birth to greatness and all I need is time to incubate it into hatchery.

I am a proud Igbo daughter who has never given to intimidation and victimization; even in the midst of recurrent marginalisation.

I am that proud daughter of a Dot-In-A-Circle nation who always stands distinguished wherever I find myself. I don’t exist anywhere and go unnoticed. It’s unheard of!

I am proudly an Igbo blood carrier; I resist every limitation and stand out better than my contemporaries in all life’s endeavours.
Dot na-onwe ya, ka mu bu! (I am the real DOT itself!)

I am proud to be an Igbo and I don’t need you to succeed. I move unflinchingly and walk up to stardom without your assistance, and despite all odds!

I am that Dot-In-A-Circle that goes to any land, be it African, Asian, Western, name them; I conquer and possess all, with little or no stress but with God-given intellectual prowess.

I am the envy of the “CIRCLE” itself! Take me to China, I outshine them in their own skills and return with a gold medal. I am the distinguished Dot!
And wherever you can’t find me DOESN’T exist!

I sneeze and you shiver and if eventually I utter a word, you take to your heels!

I am the Dot and the Dot I shall ever remain up until I erase the “Circle”.

I am that Dot-In-A-Circle that had proven indispensable in your existence, little wonder my demands to separate have been always met with a sharp rebuff.

I am the Dot!

I am that Dot-In-A-Circle whom you are scared of loosing, because loosing me evidently means loosing your breathe…

I am the Dot-In-A-Circle who epitomizes the air you breathe in and out; discard me and you meet your Waterloo!
An indisputable, bitter truth!

Just like the Biblical Deer pants for water and cannot survive without it, so you obviously cannot exist without me.

I am the Dot! Posterity cannot discard my impacts!
I make impacts everywhere my feet touch, and not frightened by losses.

I am proud to be called Igbo; I’ve got the best brain; I could build and deliberately allow you destroy but give me just a fraction of time, you’ll be bewildered by what I’ll rebuild.

I am super excited and proud of my “Dot” origin!

I am proud to be called a Dot-In-A-Circle, I go to the United Nations and my voice is heard.
The Dot lives for impacts!

In the”Dot’s” dictionary, Victimization and intimidation are erased.
I am competitive; I am diligent! I am Distinguished!

I am that Dot-In-A-Circle that has been craving for a separation for decades; the “Dot” that is willing to relinquish my million dollars investments, walk away with just a cellphone bag and start all over again, ever ready and willing to be separated from the “Circle”.

The “Dot” that’s consistently got a blatant no to my quest to leave the”Circle”. The circle wouldn’t let me go because she’s afraid of one thing; because she knows her life becomes meaningless without me; because she knows her life resolves strictly around me!

May I remind you now; in the kingdom of the “Dot”, we produce the best in all affairs of life; we’ve got the best brain!

In my kingdom, we have the best DNA, it’s on record, even the world knows… Ask Google!

I am proudly the “Dot”, I exist everywhere and where you don’t find me, DOESN’T exist!

I am the “Dot”, take me to anywhere, I shall defeat you, automatically turn you to a broom with which to sweep the floor.

The circle cannot threaten me, the “Dot” ’cause his entire life depends strictly on me.

I am a proud “Dot”; I love and pride in my Igboness; We are the unavoidable and indispensable “Dot-In-A-Circle”; we are the world’s imtellect, we are the Igbo.

I make no apologies for my pride in the”Dot”.

I am the proud tiny “Dot” littered everywhere that has seized sleep from the almighty “Circle” for six(6) conservative years.
What a sarcasm!!

I am the Dot-In-A-Circle yet I stand more prominent all over the world than the “CIRCLE” in all life’s endeavours.

I am the Dot-In-A-Circle, that integral part of the circle that sustains her.

Just like the sentence is unwhole and negligible without the all important punctuation mark, the “Dot”, so is the “Circle” without the “Dot”.

I am the Dot and can never be the Circle, impossible!


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