Daddy Lateef Jakande Father And Hero Like No Other When Its Nigeria Not Just Lagos State; Dr Mrs Nkemdi Mordi(NMDI)

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No Serious, Successive Government after Daddy Lateef Jakande Achievements as Seen, read, known by Every Good Citizen of Nigeria not just Lagos State.

It beats our imaginations but are all facts no fictions!!!

What a sincere man!! He left a legacy that no one can beat.

*What then can we say about the leaders after Daddy Lateef Jakande?*

*Leaders that have problems even maintaining the structures Daddy Lateef Jakande put in place..*

*Corrupt leaders who force themselves into power and make life very unbearable for the poor masses…*

Leaders who benefitted from the free Education Daddy Obafemi Awolowo and Daddy Lateef Jakande introduced but now refused to do same for the people they Govern *OH WHAT A SHAME!*

*May God bless us with Leaders And Heros like no other Daddy Lateef Jakande Amiin*

From Allah we come and Unto him we shall return.Inalilla waina illahi rojiun.
My condolences to Daddy Lattef Jakande immediate family and the media Community at large.

*Adieu A Journalist Per Excellon*

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