COVID 19: GLOBAL CATACLYSMIC PLAGUE(Outstanding Woman Of The Year 2019) Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth

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Over the months, the world and its occupier have suffered and still suffering from the virulent malady. Which, in so short period of time, has claimed _beaucoup_ lives, and yet, still placing _beaucoup_ lives in moribundity.

This, pathetically, has placed us so down and sorrowful as the circumstance keeps putting the minds of the entirety of humankind and its atmosphere in excessive pandemonium.

However, it is a knit in the bud as the Federal Government of Nigeria 🇳🇬 has ordered the immediate shutdown of schools, international bureaus, reduction of numerical power in socioreligious gatherings, functions and other paraphernalia to curtailing and containing it.

The Covid-19 spreads in many ways that has been addressed over the course of its reign by medical bodies and the government. We must henceforth stay safe. We must learn to stay hygienic by washing our hands frequently, abstaining from touching some sensitive parts of the body (i.e: eyes, mouth and nose), covering the mouth with tissue when coughing or sneezing, avoiding crowded places, avoid hand contact when greeting and seeking medical care without hesitation when we feel unwell or weak. As we should also be wary of the precautions we take and how we apply them, sensitively.

So as such, Nigerian students should seize this privilege in *developing their innates and potentials.* Work more. Maximize opportunities and do anything deemed appropriate as a student, study indoor there are so many online courses you can do before you know it the day is over!

*On a summiting note, it’s ideal to be indoor, safe and healthy, than to be quarantined.*

Your wellbeing is our concern. So as our wellbeing also your responsibility. Stay safe and fine. We love you ✌

*Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative(NMDI) Bringing Hope, Ligthing Lives*

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