COVID 19!! Check how TellYS, Tells your story in a better way.

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TellYS  an acronym for, ‘Tell your story,is an Abuja based foundation that have over the years empowered the many people to become self employed and also employers of labour. The foundation is once again at verge of organizing a free online forex trading.

What appears to an individual to be a problem is to another, an opportunity; COVID 19 Lockdown
is both of those and up to our choices to determine whether it is a problem or an opportunity. How you interprete it will determine the impart it will have on your life. Nobody can tell your story well without distorting it, you can do better at it. TellYS Foundation provides you the opportunity to tell your COVID 19 Lockdown story and how you are handling it, tell it to get help and to inspire the world. Also up for grabs is a FREE FOREX Training put together by TellYS Foundation.
At a time when the average FEE for FOREX Training is between $300 to $600, TellYS Foundation is offering a three (3) weeks comprehensive Online training package for FREE subject to a $28 payments for study aids to include PowerPoint, ebook and Videos. It has been proven that FOREX is about the only business which is recession proof, it is also not affected by COVID 19. All you need to get started is a Smartphone or Laptop and internet connectivity, you can do this from you homes or anywhere. Shake off the boredom, shake off the frustration and remember, You are locked down, not locked out.

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