Covid 19!!! 5 infants tests positive in Maryland, youngest, just a month old

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Governor Larry Hogan issued a video to Maryland residents Friday, encouraging everyone to stick together.

He said, “None of us really know how bad this is going to get or how long it’s going to last.”

He quoted Winston Churchill saying, “If you are going through hell, keep going…”

Speaking from Annapolis Friday afternoon he said five infants had now tested positive for Coronavirus in MD, the youngest is just 1 month old. Dozens of nursing homes are impacted, “We currently have cases and/or clusters of cases at 60 nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the state.”

Today, the governor enacted two pieces of emergency legislation to expand telehealth across the state. This helps people get care and evaluations from their providers by e-mail, telephone, or video.

Governor Hogan is also issuing an emergency order to provide additional and immediate financial relief for Marylanders facing economic hardship due to COVID-19.

The governor’s order prohibits mortgage lenders from initiating the Foreclosure process. Nearly 70 of the state’s banks and financial institutions have agreed to a program to provide a 90-day period of forbearance and deferral on mortgages.

During this period, No late fees will be charged, No negative reporting to credit bureaus. You must contact your financial services provider to take advantage of this relief.

The Governor’s emergency order prohibits commercial and industrial evictions, expanding previous order banning residential evictions.

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