Church Youth Leader Arrested During Service Over Death of Married Lady of Three Children In a hotel

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It was shøck and disbelief that etched on the faces of worshipers of a Protestant church in Rumukalagbor area of Rivers State, as they watched in horror as policemen whisked away a youth leader, Tuouamene, from the church.

The sudden and unexpected turn of events occurred shortly after Tuouamene had given a powerful testimony, which left some of the congregation overwhelmed with emotion.

However, the shock and disbelief that had gripped the church earlier was replaced with stunned silence when news spread like wildfire that the youth leader was arrested in connection with the death of a mother of three in a hotel.

The deceased was said to be an old flame of the youth leader.

They reportedly checked into a hotel in Rumuigbon area of the state, only for the woman’s lifeless body to be found later, in the room.

Police sources hinted that “a married woman has died under mysterious circumstances in a hotel room, and the prime suspect, her former acquaintance, has been arrested after trying to cover up his involvement by giving false testimony in church.

“The incident occurred at the hotel in Rivers State. Investigations reveal that the woman, who was a married mother of three, had reconnected with a former classmate, Tuamene, while he was planning his wedding on April 27, 2024.

“The two had met and struck up a relationship back in 2010 when they were studying Educational Management at the Rivers State College of Education (now Ignatius Ajuru University of Education).

“After graduating in 2012, they lost contact. But the chance meeting at Tuamene’s wedding led to them arranging a rendezvous on May 14, 2024.”

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