Chadian President to Shekau: surrender now or be killed 100 terrorists killed as Deby leads onslaught Shekau to fleeing terrorists: fight on

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Chadian President Idriss Deby has issued a yellow card to Boko Haram terrorists’ leader Abubakar Shekau. He should surrender or be prepared to die.

President Deby, said Shekau risks death in his Dikoa hideout.
Deby issued the warning in a state address to Chadians, after he was said to have led the country’s military in an offensive against terrorists.

About 100 terrorists were allegedly killed during the raid on their hideout.
The President, who spoke in French, said Shekau has the option of surrendering or risk being smoked out of his hideout. He warned that Shekau will be treated the same say some of his commanders were killed.
After the seven-hour ambush during which Chadian troops lost 92 soldiers to terrorists recently, Deby had vowed not to accept defeat and launched Operation Wrath of Bomo to avenge the death of his men.

Named after the town where the Chadian soldiers were killed, the operation which commenced on Thursday saw the President leading the Chadian forces to battle at Kelkoua bank and Magumeri where they fired rockets and 12.5mm rounds ammunition on the criminals.
The troops were said to have also destroyed several terrorists’ bunkers, recovered cache of arms and arrested a top Boko Haram commander.

At Magumeri, a local government area in the northern Borno State, the Chadian troops were alleged to have set free some Nigerians held captive by terrorists.
According to reports, the Chadian troops have dealt the terrorists massive blow and have advanced into neighbouring countries with a vow to destroy them completely in few days.
Hours after the victories of the Chadian armed forces went viral, Shekau released an audio message where he urged his fighters to stand firm.
Shekau who spoke in Hausa said: “People of Chad, leave us alone, this operation is not approved by the Qur’an. It is not the will of the Prophet Muhammed, but if you want to continue, God will help us too because he is bigger than you. To my fighters, take heart. It is I, Abubakar Shekau, your leader.”

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